Limited temperature:+5~40 C

Water rate:350mL/H

Depth of water limited :45~65mm

Rate voltage :24W

Output voltage :DC 24V

Output electric current:0.5A

Matching transformer have CE,GS, BS,UL,CSA,PSE,SAA

DC24v 350ml capacity black color plastic Ultrasonic Fog GeneratorMAINTENANCE & SERVICE1.Be sure to pour clean water and replace water in the water container timely. 2.Clean the ceramic disc and the surface of the mist maker with soft clothor cotton sticker in clean water .Prohibited to touch or scratch the ceramic disc or the water lever sensor swith.Don t use washing power to clean any part of the mist maker.3.If the unit can t generate mist after running some time,please check and confirm there has enough water in the container.Meanwhile,if the LED lamp is also off,please check whether it has been electrified.4.If the unit can not generate mist ,but only water spray,the unit is good,the water in the container is dirty , just replace the water in the container shall start to normal work again.

12 LED AC100-240V Ultrasonic Mist Maker

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