Technical Parameters External material: copper material Input voltage: AC36V Input current: 1.5A Maximum evaporation: 900ml/h Applicable water depth: 4 cm or more Applicable Ambient temperature: 1-50 C (overheat protection 50 C) Length of Lead power supply: 500cm Sprinkler Outside Size: 6.5mX2.5cm Transformer Parameters Input voltage: AC 220v/50hz 120v/60hz 230v/50hz B. Input power: 60W C.Output voltage: AC 36V Usage Advice 1.Do not turn the Ultrasonic Water Fogger upside down after power supply is switched on. This will damage the product. 2.Ensure that the Ultrasonic Water Fogger runs no more than 10 hours a day 3.Do not touch the Ultrasonic Water Fogger when the atomizer is running 4.To ensure the quality of water, please use the tap water (the deterioration of water quality will affect the service life) 5.Cut off the power supply before moving or repairing 6.The service life of the atomizer is more than 3000 hours. If it is found that the atomizer has reduced the amount of atomization, please clean the atomizer with a cotton swab (without any detergent) to keep the atomizer clean. If it is found that the amount of atomization is still very small after cleaning, please replace one atomize

3 Head Powerful Ultrasonic Mist maker SS Body