Temperature set range0—99.9°CTemperature measurement accuracy±0.1°CTemperature control accuracy≤±0.1°CHumidity display range0—99%RHHumidity precision control±3%RH Output approach(Medium)4(temperature control, left-over eggs,right over egg,alarm)(High) 7 Road, (over-temperature, temperature control, low tempera-ture, humidity control, left-over eggs, right over the egg,aeration)Output currentTemperature Control 220V 40A, Humidity Control 220V 40A the other 200V 10AOver egg cycle0.1--99.9hour(Factory settings 1.5hour)Eggs over time1-255 seconds adjustable (factory set to 180 seconds)Doubled the number of eggsMaximum record 999 timesVentilation cycle5-999 minutes (adjustable, factory 0 hours, non-ventilation)Ventilation time0-999 seconds (adjustable, factory 30 seconds)Measurement of the line is long1.5MOperating voltageAC180V—240V,50Hz

XM28 Newly Design and High Professional Automatic Egg  Incubator Controller

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