The new generation intelligent incubator controller is a fully-intelligent microcomputer control system designed and developed for incubation industry and it applies the latest microelectronic technology and new type components. It applies the microcomputer chips to have strong anti-interference and high stable performance; the temperature sensor applies the high precision sensor to have high temperature collection precision and wide temperature range; It has the design of user-friendly four screens for display including two screens displaying the temperature and humidity of incubator and other two screens displaying the egg turning times and incubation days by pressing the keys and displaying the preset temperature and humidity by pressing the keys. And six kinds of incubation modes for user-definition, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon and blackcock are available for selection. 1.Temperature display range: 0~99.9℃ 2.Temperature measurement precision: ±0.1℃ 3.Humidity display range: 0~99%RH 4.Control release precision: ±3%RH 5.Output lines: 6 lines (primary heating, auxiliary heating, exhaust (air exchange), turning left, turning right, humidifying) 6.Output current: primary 40A and auxiliary heating 40A, other output 40A 7.Egg turning times: maximum 999 times 8.Egg turning cycle: 0~999 minutes (default 90 minutes) 9.Egg turning period: 0~999 seconds (default 180 seconds) 10.Air exchange cycle: 0~999 minutes (default 120 minutes) 11.Air exchange period: 0~999 seconds (default 15 seconds) 12.Length of measuring line: about 1.5 meters Working Condition: 1.Working voltage: AC 180V~240V,50HZ 2.Relative humidity: less than 85% 3.Ambient temperature: -20℃~60℃

XM36 Fully Automatic Incubator, Temperature, Humidity controlleroller